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I felt inspired to write a bit about Soundtracks, the source of the inspiration is a great Netflix show called Stranger Things


Without spoiling the show for you it is a really well put together series that draws a lot of creative influences from 80’s cinema.

Stranger Things has a very moody soundtrack and constantly gives you clues about the era’s cinema through dialogue and well placed poster art. This made me feel quite nostalgic about the period when I first started collecting LP’s.

I have always liked collecting Vinyl Soundtrack LP’s, the simple reason being that you not only got the music from the movie, you also got a 12” card sleeve covered in the poster art.

So here are a few examples of what came to mind while watching the show.


The Goonies:

Brilliant poster art from Drew Struzan combined with 80’s pop!




Great story from Stephen King and “weird” synth prog from Tangerine Dream.



Escape From New York:

John Carpenter’s music at it’s creepy best.



Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:

Here the John Williams soundtrack manages to perfectly capture the scale of this epic piece of cinema (Genius).




Simply terrifying, the soundtrack always makes me jump out of my skin, well done to James Horner.



Russell Milton