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Nuclear Blast

This month it has been mainly “Metal LP’s” we have been able to fully recharge our heavy metal section, so much so that we had to move the section outside because we needed the extra space.

We buy in lots of vinyl but it is unusual to get such a huge collection in such excellent condition, the chap in question seems to have collected everything from the obscure “Thor – Unchained”

&  “Lee Aaron – The Metal Queen On Stage” rocking the warrior princess look way before Xena’s time.

Plus first editions of Metallica on the beige Music For Nations Label.

Often we have to make a choice about what to put up for sale on our website based on the condition of the record, if we feel that a certain record is below Very Good then we tend to price it and put it into the shop bins.

So if you are a regular visitor to our shop then you can often find some of the rarer items for sale at a reasonable price and you can have a good look at the condition and check out how it sounds using our listening post (which are two “Bush Decks” that could easily survive a nuclear blast).

So if you are into Thrash, Heavy Metal or Doom and everything else in between then we are happy to say that you will not be disappointed by what we have been able to put on sale this month:


Date For Your Diary……

Record Store Day is almost upon us and we always enjoy the day at Kellys, this year we are setting up a huge selection of £1 bins, we will be filling them up with lots of interesting LP’s and we plan to do the same for the CD’s.