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Digging tips from Don Leisure / Darkhouse Fam

1 – Herbie Hancock – ‘Sunlight’ (1978) Incredible album from Herbie featuring the brilliant ‘I Thought it was You’ track. I could have picked any track from this album as it’s A+++ all the way through! Wake up and cop this! J Dilla, 9th Wonder & Thundercat would agree!

2 – Alice Coltrane & Carlos Santana – ‘Illuminations’ (1974) One a bit left of centre. Carlos Santana (calling himself Devadip here for some reason) and Alice Coltrane team up to do cover versions of John Coltrane pieces with an Eastern twist. Could be a bit much for some and its pretty off the wall in places. Lots of ‘Om’ chants and other such wonders. Worth a look for sure and Alice Coltrane albums don’t come up that often!!

3 – Loose Ends – ‘So Where Are You?’ (1985) Another one that’s pretty easy to find but still utterly essential if you don’t have it. The dance floor anthem ‘Hanging on a String (Contemplating)’ is arguably one of the best UK Soul jams of all time and can be played at any time of the night and its guaranteed to get good results. Played to death but still has life in it

4 – Foxy – ‘Get Off’ (1978) By no means rare (there are two copies in the store right now!) but still well worth a purchase. Contains the killer party jam ‘Madamoiselle’ which contains not one but two classic samples. Fans of MF DOOM and 90s Jungle, I urge you to part ways with your £4!

5 – Willie Hutch ‘Foxy Brown (OST)’ (1974) From the wall of fame an amazing Blaxploitation soundtrack by Willie Hutch. One of the better known soundtracks of the genre and not without good reason. The track ‘Hospital Prelude of Love Theme’ has been touched by a silly amount of hip-hop producers appearing in tracks by Nas, Masta Ace, Biggie Smalls and Mobb Deep to name a few. Essential for any hiphop, soul or movie fiends!