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Archive: Jun 2016

  1. The Breakdown: Welsh Euro 2016 Tracks

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    We’re all feeling a bit patriotic this year following England’s humiliating defeat against Iceland on June 27. The real dragons are out, and they’re ready to breathe fire.

    Wales have certainly proved their determination for this year’s Euros, and with world-class Bale up front, there’s potential to go even further.

    Two of Wales’ most prestigious bands have showed their support through the wonderful world of music. But just how patriotic and morale boosting are they?


    Super Furry Animals – “Bing Bong”


    The first out of two is Super Furry Animals with ‘Bing Bong’. Frontman Gruff Rhys and co lead us into a warped world of summery synths and a trance-like beat. The increase in tempo before the vocals is subtly exciting, provoking fans to start cheering and jumping around for their favourite team.

    The psychedelic video shows the band doing kick-ups throughout; with a rainbow background that is enough to make you feel like you’ve had one too many coffees.

    Although the track is hugely infectious, and will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for days, the Super Furry Animals aren’t too great at addressing the Welsh team, and instead take a backseat in their living rooms to practice their football skills. One thing they do well is speak Welsh, which even I can’t do.

    Manic Street Preachers – “Together, Stronger (C’mon Wales)”


    Ah, this is where the real football track got to. The Manics truly take on the task of addressing the success of our team and all our great players in this hugely patriotic track. Even the title on its own is a seller, but when the chorus kicks in you can’t help but join in with the Manics cheering on Ramsay and Bale.

    James Bradfield adds a little comedy into the ultimate Welsh football song. With the infectious lyrics, he slyly slips in the famous Andy Williams Line from ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, and brings the track back round to Ramsay setting the world alight, and how having Bale means we can beat any side.

    So now we must make a verdict on the best Welsh Euros song of this year. It has to go to the Manic Street Preachers. Their ability to hold the Welsh nation together by calling to unite in times of, well, football, is completely patriotic, and morale boosting for the fans, and even the players. After listening to Together Stronger (C’mon Wales), it’s almost certain that Wales’ performance has been upheld with the help of the Manics, who are undoubtedly spurring our team on to the next round.


    C’mon Wales!!!!


    Cerys Kenneally


    Check out what we have in stock by the Super Furries

    Check out what we have in stock by the Manics

  2. Mix Of The Week From Don Leisure (Darkhouse Family)

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    So we recently set up a Kellys Records Mixcloud page to showcase mixes from some of our customers.

    First out of the box was Don Leisure from Darkhouse Family, He recently spent 2 days rummaging through our vast 8000 strong collection of Funk, Soul & Disco 7”s in our store room armed with only a portable record player, a lot of disinfectant hand gel and a lot of black coffee.


    He picked out a stack of gems from the Kellys vaults…


    Some well known heaters others less so…

    So here are two 45 min mixes of all 45s (see what he did there?) perfect for the summer months and perfectly timed to fit onto a TDK D90 cassette !

    Catch Don Leisure & Earl Jeffers FKA Chesus as Darkhouse Family live – 18th June – Blue Honey presents Darkhouse Family ‘Solid Gold’ EP Launch Party (Jacobs Market Cardiff)


    Upcoming release – end of June – ‘Solid Gold’ EP on First Word Records