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Archive: Sep 2015

  1. The wonder of Wax Mage Records

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    What is Wax Mage Records I hear you ask?

    Dear vinyl fans, are you sitting comfortably?

    There is vinyl, there is coloured vinyl and then there is this! The brain child of the excellent Gotta Groove Records, they describe themselves as, “Hand poured, hand pressed, one of a kind records made in Cleveland Ohio at Gotta Groove Recoods.” Call it whatever you want, we call it art and beauty! Some more examples you say?

    You can buy some of one off beauties at:

    Or follow them on Instagram for a never ending stream of wonder!

    Be still my beating 1210s!

  2. We have a new website!

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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to our new website, there is a whole load of excellent things you can expect to see as it grows and becomes all singing and dancing.

    On the blog, expect to read about all things record related. We might occasionally write a blog post to promote the arrival of a massive lot of vinyl, but mostly it will just general good things that cross our paths.

    If you have ever sat in a record shop and started one of the staffing talking about interesting record pressings, release variations, matrix numbers, bootleg Russian flexidiscs…you know what to expect from this blog.

    Speak to you soon.

    Lots of love,

    The Team