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  1. Zen And The Art Of Record Collecting

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    We have been buying music collections off people for decades and as a rule we will buy in any piece of popular vinyl if it is in playable condition. Anybody who has been into our shop will see the amount of vinyl we have on display but may not realize we have crates of LP’s & CD’s stored out of sight with what we refer to as “Doubles”(multiple copies).

    These albums are a great example of what people were buying and act as an indicator of what was popular at the time.



    So, this blog is not about the rare vinyl or the obscure music that so many of the collectors are constantly digging for, it is about the albums that sold by the bucket load then subsequently sold on and are now tucked away waiting for the wheels of popular culture to spin around and make them relevant again.


    So in no particular order here is a list of what tends to hang around in the sections for a long time.



    Sade – Diamond Life (1984) A classic LP that up until a few years ago was always in stock


    Ultravox – Vienna (1980) Still going strong, we must have at least 60 copies


    David Bowie – Let’s Dance (1983) Hard to believe but in the 90’s this LP sat around in our stocks for ages, now obviously a must have album


    Alison Moyet – Alf  (1984) Almost always in stock



    Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (1995) As CD’s go this was always offered for us to buy


    The Darkness – Permission To land (2003) Enough said on this one


    Dido – No Angel (2001) The winner on CD, Eminem sampled a track off this and “Boom” at one point we had hundreds of them


    And some more close contenders on both vinyl & cd

    Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms (1985)


    Phil Collins – But Seriously (1989)


    Stevie Wonder / Various Artists – Woman In Red (1984)


    Simply Red – Stars (1991)


    Duran Duran – RIO (1982)


    Moby – Play (1999)


    Spice Girls – Spice (1996)


    But the undisputed champ of all of our “Doubles”

    Paul Young – No Parlez (1983)

    This LP spent 119 weeks in the top one hundred and 5 weeks at Number one in the UK Album Charts, it went Triple Platinum in sales and was his Debut Album.
    We have so many copies we offered it up for £1 on Record Store Day this year and joked that the first person to buy a copy would get it for free, nobody did.

    We still have loads left along with his other album “The secret of association”




    Keep on collecting 🙂 💿 📀

  2. Nuclear Blast


    This month it has been mainly “Metal LP’s” we have been able to fully recharge our heavy metal section, so much so that we had to move the section outside because we needed the extra space.

    We buy in lots of vinyl but it is unusual to get such a huge collection in such excellent condition, the chap in question seems to have collected everything from the obscure “Thor – Unchained”

    &  “Lee Aaron – The Metal Queen On Stage” rocking the warrior princess look way before Xena’s time.

    Plus first editions of Metallica on the beige Music For Nations Label.

    Often we have to make a choice about what to put up for sale on our website based on the condition of the record, if we feel that a certain record is below Very Good then we tend to price it and put it into the shop bins.

    So if you are a regular visitor to our shop then you can often find some of the rarer items for sale at a reasonable price and you can have a good look at the condition and check out how it sounds using our listening post (which are two “Bush Decks” that could easily survive a nuclear blast).

    So if you are into Thrash, Heavy Metal or Doom and everything else in between then we are happy to say that you will not be disappointed by what we have been able to put on sale this month:


    Date For Your Diary……

    Record Store Day is almost upon us and we always enjoy the day at Kellys, this year we are setting up a huge selection of £1 bins, we will be filling them up with lots of interesting LP’s and we plan to do the same for the CD’s.

  3. The Inner Sleeve…. The 1980’s Now And Then

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    If the shop had a voice we suppose it would be a colourful mix of many sounds, and be constantly moving in and out of styles like a folk psych hip hop mix with progressive undertones and soulful sentiment. Or maybe a very geeky monologue about the importance of the matrix numbers in the Runoff of a record.

    So looking to the future this (The Inner Sleeve) is going to be an attempt to regularly inform our customers of the shops content and general outlook on all things music based from all corners of popular culture, so please be kind we don’t get out much!

    Ok here we go:



    In the shop we are always interested in people’s sudden need to get hold of a certain album or track, often it can be pure nostalgia and has a certain emotional attachment, or something has happened in popular culture that sparks a need to own it again.


    Black Mirror season 3 includes an episode called San Junipero, the soundtrack of this episode is simply 80’s pop music gold, it weaves itself into the plot and helps to support the story. So much of it is used to put you back in the moment (if you were there) and also puts newer generations into the mindset of the era it reflects. It has proved so popular that a Physical Vinyl release is on the way.



    “There’s huge nostalgia for me. All the music I said I hated, I secretly loved all of it; T’Pau and all of that. It was a great way for me to indulge in all those guilty pleasures. To go back and revisit all of that music people claimed to hate in 1987.”  Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror Creator).




    Black mirror is very firmly a TV show made for today’s audience and is currently only available on the streaming service Netflix but it gave us a sharp insight into what music can do to really enhance a drama and made us think of an original TV Show from the 80’s called Miami Vice.



    This show was a first in that it used popular music of the day in the soundtrack to help colour the shows themes of excess and violence to great effect.

    This scene changed television forever.




    So when things like this happen we are always interested in the how and why? all of a sudden we might sell out of Wham’s first LP not realizing that it was featured in the Deadpool movie and inspired some of the audience to buy a copy.





    Album sleeve that somebody in the art department thought was a great idea at the time! ENJOY 🙂


  4. Don’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes why don’t you?

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    When I’m browsing records it’s often the artwork that draws me in (no pun intended). There’s something about album art that I can’t resist, in my opinion there’s nothing more boring than picking up a record and seeing some second rate blandness (EVERY PHIL COLLINS RECORD FOR EXAMPLE).


    I know, you’re not supposed to judge albums by their art, but it is the first impression that artist gives you. On a personal level, I know when I was making my band Holiday Home’s EP I had a very strict idea of what our imagery and art should look like, the EP had a story to tell and I wanted that story to be told in cohesion with that artwork. The idea was to give the listener a background and setting for the story to be told in.



    Until I started doing my own stuff I only liked artwork because maybe it was a cool or weird picture/drawing with some jazzy prints and colour. I realise how pretentious this sounds, but it wasn’t until after Holiday Home I started to appreciate album art beyond just image. I think Gorillaz are probably the best example to give when you think about combining art and music. Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach is a sublime cocktail of art and music; it’s sort of like a film, but not with one with narrative story, one created through sound and vision. Prior to the release of Plastic Beach, mini games, a pirate radio station and videos were released that chronicled the band’s journey to Plastic Beach, the Plastic Beach itself and what the band were up to when they were there.

    2D’s Abduction

    Russel’s Journey

    Murdoc’s Adventure

    Plastic Beach Teaser Videos.

    Murdoc’s Pirate Radio

    In my opinion, this completely immersive world through the art of Jamie Hewlett only heightens the musical element created by Damon Albarn and co. The fact that they’ve extended the story with glimpses of how the ‘band’ have left the Plastic Beach and have ended up in a dungeon beneath Abby Road Studios only fills me with excitement.

    The Book of the Gorillaz

    Parquet Courts are another band whose album art always fascinates me. Andrew Savage who fronts Parquet Courts is also behind the brush when it comes to the bands art. Savage has previously stated that it’s very important to him that all of the art that surrounds the band ‘sounds’ like the band, and what I think he means by this is that the band’s aesthetic is another outlet for the band to express themselves beyond sound, much like Gorillaz but in a totally different way. What I love about Parquet Courts’ art are not only the bold blocks of colour and print but how the art complements certain lyrics throughout the LP. It’s like an intimate invitation into the band’s personality. I think the easiest connection that can be made is the blurry and wavy lines used to depict the natural human body are a direct link to their song Berlin Got Blurry. I’d also like to think the body is faced down and blurry on the Human Performance cover because they’ve given all they’ve got and began to deteriorate and this contrasts to the strong linear door, floor and room that will never tire.

    Parquet Courts – Human Performance

    Parquet Courts – Berlin Got Blurry



    Harry Willicombe


    If you like art, check out the art on the Kellys Records gift vouchers, which are now available in store.

    Gift Certificate 2014 £10

  5. Are We About To See A Rise In Political and Protest Music?

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    Should music make you forget about your everyday worries, the troubles of the world and carry you to a safe house of solitude? Or should music grab you by the scruff of the neck, drag you kicking and screaming to the real issues?  Man.  I think it’s kind of a combination of both. They do say that music is inspired by true events and stories, I guess all art is, so with the recent political atmosphere will we see a rise in politically inspired songs?

    I’m not going to sit here and type that all politically charged music is amazing and every piece of music made should be political. That would be ludicrous. I have nightmares of a Hokey Cokey-esque song commenting on the recent EU referendum and I don’t think I can deal with any song similar to Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. However, every now and then a band or artist will take it upon themselves to address a political matter and they will do this so well it forces you to listen. Here’s hoping the recent political climate can produce some songs in the same vein as these tracks.

    The Clash – White Riot

    Public Enemy – Fight the Power

    N.W.A – Fuck Tha Police

    Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up

    Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower

    Dolly Parton – Just Because I’m A Woman

    Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry

    Harry Willicombe.

  6. Soundblog

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    I felt inspired to write a bit about Soundtracks, the source of the inspiration is a great Netflix show called Stranger Things


    Without spoiling the show for you it is a really well put together series that draws a lot of creative influences from 80’s cinema.

    Stranger Things has a very moody soundtrack and constantly gives you clues about the era’s cinema through dialogue and well placed poster art. This made me feel quite nostalgic about the period when I first started collecting LP’s.

    I have always liked collecting Vinyl Soundtrack LP’s, the simple reason being that you not only got the music from the movie, you also got a 12” card sleeve covered in the poster art.

    So here are a few examples of what came to mind while watching the show.


    The Goonies:

    Brilliant poster art from Drew Struzan combined with 80’s pop!




    Great story from Stephen King and “weird” synth prog from Tangerine Dream.



    Escape From New York:

    John Carpenter’s music at it’s creepy best.



    Close Encounters Of The Third Kind:

    Here the John Williams soundtrack manages to perfectly capture the scale of this epic piece of cinema (Genius).




    Simply terrifying, the soundtrack always makes me jump out of my skin, well done to James Horner.



    Russell Milton

  7. The Breakdown: Welsh Euro 2016 Tracks

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    We’re all feeling a bit patriotic this year following England’s humiliating defeat against Iceland on June 27. The real dragons are out, and they’re ready to breathe fire.

    Wales have certainly proved their determination for this year’s Euros, and with world-class Bale up front, there’s potential to go even further.

    Two of Wales’ most prestigious bands have showed their support through the wonderful world of music. But just how patriotic and morale boosting are they?


    Super Furry Animals – “Bing Bong”


    The first out of two is Super Furry Animals with ‘Bing Bong’. Frontman Gruff Rhys and co lead us into a warped world of summery synths and a trance-like beat. The increase in tempo before the vocals is subtly exciting, provoking fans to start cheering and jumping around for their favourite team.

    The psychedelic video shows the band doing kick-ups throughout; with a rainbow background that is enough to make you feel like you’ve had one too many coffees.

    Although the track is hugely infectious, and will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for days, the Super Furry Animals aren’t too great at addressing the Welsh team, and instead take a backseat in their living rooms to practice their football skills. One thing they do well is speak Welsh, which even I can’t do.

    Manic Street Preachers – “Together, Stronger (C’mon Wales)”


    Ah, this is where the real football track got to. The Manics truly take on the task of addressing the success of our team and all our great players in this hugely patriotic track. Even the title on its own is a seller, but when the chorus kicks in you can’t help but join in with the Manics cheering on Ramsay and Bale.

    James Bradfield adds a little comedy into the ultimate Welsh football song. With the infectious lyrics, he slyly slips in the famous Andy Williams Line from ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, and brings the track back round to Ramsay setting the world alight, and how having Bale means we can beat any side.

    So now we must make a verdict on the best Welsh Euros song of this year. It has to go to the Manic Street Preachers. Their ability to hold the Welsh nation together by calling to unite in times of, well, football, is completely patriotic, and morale boosting for the fans, and even the players. After listening to Together Stronger (C’mon Wales), it’s almost certain that Wales’ performance has been upheld with the help of the Manics, who are undoubtedly spurring our team on to the next round.


    C’mon Wales!!!!


    Cerys Kenneally


    Check out what we have in stock by the Super Furries

    Check out what we have in stock by the Manics

  8. Mix Of The Week From Don Leisure (Darkhouse Family)

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    So we recently set up a Kellys Records Mixcloud page to showcase mixes from some of our customers.

    First out of the box was Don Leisure from Darkhouse Family, He recently spent 2 days rummaging through our vast 8000 strong collection of Funk, Soul & Disco 7”s in our store room armed with only a portable record player, a lot of disinfectant hand gel and a lot of black coffee.


    He picked out a stack of gems from the Kellys vaults…


    Some well known heaters others less so…

    So here are two 45 min mixes of all 45s (see what he did there?) perfect for the summer months and perfectly timed to fit onto a TDK D90 cassette !

    Catch Don Leisure & Earl Jeffers FKA Chesus as Darkhouse Family live – 18th June – Blue Honey presents Darkhouse Family ‘Solid Gold’ EP Launch Party (Jacobs Market Cardiff)


    Upcoming release – end of June – ‘Solid Gold’ EP on First Word Records

  9. Mix of the week…The Staff of Kellys Sŵn Festival mix.

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    A few years back in that memorable summer of 2013, Sŵn Festival asked their friends to make mixes that filled us with that special feeling that only music can.

    We dug through our record collections to choose a few choice cuts that we love to hear. We hope you do too.

    We are going to try to make this a regular thing, if you are a shop regular, leave us a comment below, tweet us or drop us a line and we might feature your awesome mix.

  10. Brain Wilson in The Diff

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    In a few days time, something very special will happen in our fair city.

    Brain Wilson (with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin) is coming to St. Davids Hall to play the iconic Beach Boys album “Pet Sounds” in its entirety, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its release.


    I don’t know about you, but the thought of hearing that album front to back live is a source of much excitement.

    To celebrate this, we could have just dug through the crates and racks in the shop to post some photos of the classic Beach Boys albums on our Instagram, we will probably do that anyway, but there is more to this vinyl goldmine than just the Beach Boys standards!

    Brian Wilson Our Prayer small

    After some serious crate digging, we found some of the most interesting and unusual Brian Wilson related items on our catalogue, to get even the most die hard fans excited.

    Brian Wilson Wonderful

    So strap yourself in as we take you on a journey surfin’ through some of the rarities, oddities and gems that we found.


    We start with a Pet Sounds Mousemat

    Pet Sounds mouse mat


    Random selection of Brian Wilson / Beach Boys books.

    Brian Wilson Books


    Brian Wilson’s Smile.

    The UK-only exclusive to white box with 3D shadowbox embedded in the lid containing a standard edition CD. The shadowbox is a recreation of the artwork from the centre pages of the album booklet and contains moving cardboard figures. One in four copies are signed by Brian Wilson. Ours is still sealed so we don’t know if it’s signed, could be a nice suprise for someone.

    The standard CD plus a US issue of the self titled album in the long box, also still sealed

    Brian Wilson Smile cd


    Brian Wilson’s Smile book.

    Brian Wilson Stuff 7


    Brian Wilson – Brian Loves You (Smile Some More) LP.

    Brian Wilson Stuff 6


    Loads of Beach Boys Stomp fan club zine’s.

    Beach Boys Stomp


    Loads and loads of random magazines, posters, playbills & press cuttings.

    Brian Wilson Stuff 1

    Brian Wilson Stuff 2

    Brian Wilson Stuff 3

    Brian Wilson Stuff 4

    Brian Wilson Stuff 5


    A few rare collectible oddities on vinyl.

    Beach Boys album 1

    Beach Boys album 2

    Beach Boys album 3

    Beach Boys album 4


    We also have an original 1969 tour program & ticket stub from the Cardiff gig.

    Beach Boys tour


    Plus some signed (printed) photos of The Beach Boys.

    Beach Boys signed pics


    So there is just a small sample of some of the Brian Wilson / Beach Boys items we have in stock.

    If you are lucky enough to have a ticket…… enjoy the gig as I know we will.

    Thanks for looking and we hope to see you in the shop soon.

    Beach Boys Display shop small