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  1. All you need to know about our 50th celebration.

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    Yes, There Will Be Cake 



    We are looking forward to seeing you all on the 29th of June for our 50th Celebration.


    There will be giveaways all day and a Treasure Hunt planned for our most diligent diggers. We also have a lively line up of local DJ’s ready to earworm you into oblivion with their mix of musical tastes and styles. 


    The DJ line up is as follows:



    Carly Santana (Kellys Records) 9.30 – 10.30


    Ronny Oner (Oner Signs) 10.30 – 11


    Bethan Elfyn (BBC Radio Wales) 11 – 12


    Rhys GLC (Goldie Lookin’ Chain) 12 – 1


    Don Leisure (Darkhouse Family) 1 – 2


    Andy Loveless (Radio Cardiff) 2 – 3


    Drunk Yoga 3 – 4


    DJ Veto (Afro Cluster)  4 – 5


    Have we mentioned we’ll have cake



    We at Kellys Records would like to take the opportunity to thank all the customers and staff over the decades and of course all the talented artists for sharing their music with us.



  2. Welcome to Kellys Records 50th Anniversary Blog



    Kellys Records began life back in 1969 and was set up by the amazing Eddie and Phyllis Kelly, it was originally a small stall in the corner of the balcony upstairs in “Cardiff Indoor Market” now Cardiff Central Market.


    Cardiff Indoor Market (circa 1900 before the central clock was a thing)


    Cardiff Indoor Market (circa 1960)


    Cardiff Indoor Market (1989)


    Cardiff Central Market (circa 1991)


    Over the years the shop has expanded to what it is today. All of this is built on the passion for music (in all its forms) that Eddie and Phyllis had and wanted to share with the music buying public.


    Phyllis & Eddie in the shop (1988)


    Kellys Records has a long history and we want to share some of the photos with you, we are very proud of the legacy that has been left us by the original owners.


    Part of Eddie and Phyllis’s history with the Market included sharing the buildings Centenary. The Market had just undergone a three year clean up and part of the celebration was to offer Victorian prices for some items and for the staff to dress up in Victorian era clothing.


    Also worth noting in the photo below is the cameo apperence of the 12th Doctor Who David Tennent checking out the vinyl on offer and making a few careful investments before taking them back to the future to make a quick buck on fleebay…. 😂😂


    Phyllis & Eddie with the Lord Mayor Coun John Smith and the Lady Mayoress (1991)



    Eddie was an encyclopaedia of knowledge on recorded music, his biggest interest was in Classical Music. He could often be heard singing at the top of his voice during the working day.


    Eddie in the shop (1988)


    Phyllis had the human touch and cared about the customers and would often chat to them about their daily lives.


    Phyllis in the shop (1988)


    It is testament to them both that even today we have people coming into the shop to ask about them and share stories about how they bought a record from the shop decades ago.


    The shop, then still named E.Kelly taken from the scaffolding during the refit (1989)


    Phyllis & Eddie at the shop (1988)


    Fast forward to the 90s, Eddie and Phyllis retired and passed ownership of the shop to their Nephew Alan Parkins. The 90’s was ushering in a new era of Digital Formats, CDs, DVDs, DAT Tapes, Mini Discs and all sorts of cutting-edge equipment to go along with it. We expanded the shop and had a refit with new record racks, CD shelves in the new CD Shop and when the Mystic relocated downstairs we then had a new dedicated VHS/DVD shop.


    Allan Parkins in the shop (1999)


    The now legendary ELVIS also makes his first appearance in the new look shop.




    The Staff – Craig, Russell, Allan & Paul (1999)


    Yet even then people were still passionate for vinyl and as the years went by it was becoming obvious that customers were not ready to leave it behind.


    The Shop (1999)


    Kellys Records has always felt it was part of a community spirit driven by the appreciation of vinyl. Every day is Record Store Day for us and we are not surprised that Vinyl is still the much preferred and loved format for customers and musicians alike.


    Gruff Rhys – Super Furry Animals, and Don Leisure – Darkhouse Family. RSD2018 Kellys Radio.



    Record Store Day 2018 – Ben, Harry Carly, Charlotte Church, Russell & Rod


    To all the staff and customers over the years we would like to say thank you for the support and we look forward to the next 50yrs.

    We would also like to thank Lynn Larson for giving us access to the wonderful historical photos of her parents and the shop.


    Kellys Records  (2019)



  3. The Score

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    Music plays an important role in the production of film and television. In particular, music scores have always intrigued me in how they are able to create atmosphere, portray character emotions and progress a story line. In my experience this has meant being able to create more of a relationship with the characters and feel a part of their alternate reality.


    With Neflix’s Strangers Things Season 3 on the horizon it got us at Kellys Records pretty excited about what we could hear from composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein in the latest installment. The announcement inspired me to take a deeper look into the inspiration behind the artists work and how they were able to create the capitivating soundtracks.


    Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein produced the score for the first and second season of the programme. They exceeded all expectations and were nominated for ‘Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media’ in the 2017 Grammy Awards and won ‘Oustanding Original Main Title Theme Music’ in the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards. Pretty impressive considering it was the pairs first time at writing music for Film / Television.



    In producing the first two soundtracks Dixon and Stein drew inspiration from electric pop group Aphex Twin, Autechre and Bogdan Raczynski. Through adapting their experiences from being in the band ‘Survive’ and experimenting with a wide variety 80’s synthesisers the pair were able to create an omnious sound reminiscent of Tangerine Dream and John Carpenters ‘Escape From New York’. Very fitting to the eerie theme of the programme.


    The result, a truly epic soundtrack which compliments the series in its entirity. Through creating chilling ambient tracks which will keep you on the edge of your seat in awe of what will happen next, to music thats displays raw emotion that enables us to sympathise with characters, the soundtrack has it all.


    If you think you enjoyed the soundtrack as much as myself, give these a try for more 80’s synth inspired music:


    – Timecop1983 – Night Drive


    – Daftpunk – Tron: Legacy


    – Todd Terje – It’s Album Time – ‘Delorean Dynamite‘ and ‘Preben Goes to Acapulco‘ are my personal favourites!


    – Tangerine Dream – Dream Sequence


    – Kraftwerk – Computer World (2009 Remastered Version)



    George Willicombe

  4. Guest Blog: Office Music Policy?

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    Is your office loud? Quiet? Something in between?

    Having already dropped a guest mix for record store day, I thought I’d poke my head out again with another guest blog about our work place music policy…which conveniently ties in with National Album day.

    Here at Burning Red we are a music on office (would it be strange if we weren’t considering we built this site?). After a few years of just randomly trying to find a happy medium about what the office music policy should be, we were left with the questions? Is there such a thing as a perfect playlist? Radio stations? Choice of albums? Relying on the various algorithms? Albums? Is it ever acceptable is a diverse work place to drop Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer? Probably not.

    On a Friday morning during a practically sunny commute, I was struck by a random idea to try with the office music policy…Theme for the day!

    Maybe it was because I had been listening to Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack the night before, but the idea of everyone sticking to their favourite movie soundtracks for the day seemed like a great idea. When I arrived in the office, I suggested it, everyone jumped on board and the discussions started!

    What makes the best movie soundtrack?

    Is it an excellent collection of songs? 

    Is it an collection of original music created for the movie?

    Or is it just that magical balance of new and old?

    I can say this with a degree of certainty, there is no such thing as a perfect fit, but it sure was an interesting day as we took it in turns to play our favourites. Strangely, scores did not show up that much. Sorry John Williams, you just don’t cut it in our workplace.

    Something else quite special happened, everyone was eager to chose AND was ready with an explanation of why. Instead of just being a reason to chose some music for the day, it was a reason for us all to interact and learn a little more about each other.

    Movie soundtrack day was such a success I decided to think of more themes for the coming days, from the ridiculous, to the more logical. The only consistent rule we have stuck to is an album. It works quite well as you usually only end up with 40ish minutes before someone else gets to make the next choice.


    6 degrees of separation

    This proved to be a big hit. You know the rules to this game, just keep them connected. In a weird turn of events, it became a game of find a reason why you want to play an album you like through the 6 degrees rule.

    Fun fact, we started the day with The Bacon Brothers! I didn’t even know Kevin Bacon was in a band, let alone had a 20 year history of making and releasing music.

    We also learnt the The Bee Gees were originally chosen to play the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics before being replaced by Muse.

    Time frame themes

    We have gone with a few the most popular was,  “1990 – 1999”. This resulted in the first time I think most of us in the office had listened to the Spice Girls debut album front to back. AND I learnt that they sampled the Digital Underground on a track! Which means the Spice Girls technically sampled Parliament! Mind blown.

    Don’t believe me? Click here and go down the sampling rabbit hole…


    The internet loves lists! Apparently, so do we. An excellent day was, “Choose any album from the RIAA diamond sellers list.” This resulted in a few interesting surprises. For starters, on a list of the biggest selling albums of all time, who would have thought Garth Brookes would appear more than the Beatles?! This was a great little theme as it is an interesting list and there is truly something for everyone on there. It was also the first time I have listened to Nirvana’s Nevermind in maybe 20 years. Sorry, I still don’t like it.

    Making it personal

    There are a few examples that the choice of music seemed less important than what we found out about each other and the stories that tied music to our lives. The best examples are “an album that reminds you of somewhere, somewhen or someone.” or “The first album you bought or loved“.

    Stories were shared about university life, long drives with parents…everyone seemed to have a smile on their face that day as we all went with happy memories.

    Keeping it fun

    After a few weeks of playing the theme game, I chose “REMIX! REMIX!” which was a combination of any two of the previous themes.

    I write the days theme on a post it note and stick it to the office speakers and having kept the pile of post it notes, to reduce the risk of repetition, we had ammo for a new game!

    Everyone shuffled the pile of post its and pulled out two totally at random. This lead to some serious thought and we learnt the amazing fact that…drum roll…

    Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Johnny Cash, U2, Britney Spears, Kid Rock and N Sync are all on the RIAA diamond sellers list AND have been in the Simpsons!

    Sorry Tom Petty, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison, you didn’t make that cut because members of your band were missing from the show.

    What am I getting at with all this nerding?

    Music in the office can be such a difficult thing when you have a diverse work force. There is no such thing as a happy medium.

    Radio stations can get repetitive, playlists often feel like the same slightly different collection of songs…so maybe you could find the resident office music nerd and ask them to decided a theme for everyone to choose albums to play that day and you might find out some awesome things about your co-workers and learn some amazing musical facts in the process.

    I know times are changing and music is moving away from albums in favour of a more steady releases, but albums are the soundtrack to the key moments my life. I hope that doesn’t go away.

    Thanks for letting get really nerdy about music.
    Michael (The web guy at Burning Red)

  5. Record Store Day In Kellys Pt4

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    My name is Michael, shop regular/part of the furniture, record buyer and all round nerd. Considering it’s that time of year again! It is almost RECORD STORE DAY! I thought I’d drop in and throw a guest mix up for these lovely folks at Kellys.

    For full effect, I politely ask you to play on my mix which is right below, before you start reading…go on…click play…

    I don’t know about you fair reader, for me, record store day has always been an opportunity to pick up some truly weird and wonderful things! Strange items that wouldn’t, probably shouldn’t exist, let alone someone (i.e. me and possibly you) part money with?

    You want an example? If you clicked play like I asked you would be hearing Professor Stephen Hawking “singing” Monty Python’s Galaxy Song. I mean come on! In what logical world should that be a thing that exists? I have no idea, hence why I bought it! It seems dutifully fitting that my first choice would be the summation of why I love RSD and a fitting tribute to the greatest mind of our time.

    So fair reader/listener, join me on this adventure through the strange corners of my record collection as I play you some of the weirder things I’ve purchased on RSD over the years.


    If you don’t love the Muppets, I’m pretty sure you have no soul.

    Logical follow up to a song sung by a frog and a bear right? A song about a horse! Alright, it isn’t about a horse, and yes I played the b-side, but this is my mix, don’t judge me!

    I don’t think I will ever be able to wrap my head around the existence of this project. I’m eternally grateful it does, but in what world did anyone think that one of the most credible rappers of his generation and the queen of anti-folk would collaborate, let alone smash it out of the park!

    RSD produces a lot of album re-issues. We can debate whether this is a good thing or not later, however, if you are going to make a singles collection from an album, who doesn’t want them in a singing box with a jigsaw!

    Or in a laser etched wooden box?! Truly, why would you put out a plain black record re-issue when it could be this awesome!

    Its fair to say hip hop didn’t really get into picture disc as much as rock/metal. Rhymesayers clearly missed the memo.

    Soundtracks rule, this soundtrack rules, but I HAVE ALL THE OTHER GOOD SONGS ON THE ORIGINAL ALBUMS!!! Thankfully, this exists.

    This is one of the gems of my collection. Daft Punk and Tron were a match made in heaven. It’s a shame the soundtrack was better than the movie.

    This is a ghetto as $^%$, the linear is coloured in by hand and an odd shape because they printed it themselves.

    One from last year, (ok, maybe not…I’ve got the re-issue, this is the original pressing) another soundtrack that was better than the movie (31% on Rotten Tomatoes bad).

    I really wish they would stop putting out Johnny Cash live albums and finally release the last of the American recordings! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m sure someone wants to hear Johnny Cash live at Texas minimum security juvenile detention centre in 1983, but I would give anything to hear the last of the American tapes.

    The first of the side by side 7”s, and they are my usual must haves of RSD. Originals and a ridiculous cover. Willie Nelson and Uncle Tupelo, sold.

    Well you know something Mean Gene, this is an album sung by wrestlers from the 80s and I chose a short bald white guy singing Tutti Fruitti…trust me, it is much better than hearing Hill Billy Jim sing.

    2nd side by side, ZZ Top and Mastadon, sold. Also, that’s not a reflection due to my poor camera skills…It is black wax with a reddy brown second colour…beautiful. These are just the two of my choices for the series. I mean seriously, who doesn’t think own a split between The Bee Gees and Faith No More isn’t an awesome idea?! A boring person that’s who!

    Another great example of RSD weirdness, metal royalty Machine Head cover OC punk legends Ignite and release 4 different covers based on Tarot cards. Yeah I bought all 4, wanna fight about it?

    And last but not least…a surprise.


    I hope you enjoyed this journey through some of the stranger/awesome corners of my records collection. Here’s to RSD and me buying weird things like this and maybe this.



  6. Record Store Day In Kellys Pt3

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    Ahead of April 21st’s Record Store 2018 we’re taking a moment to champion the soulful side of music history as we brainstorm exactly what gems we’ll chose to share with you at our pop-up radio!


    Here is the full DJ lineup for the day


    From the universal appeal of the Tamla Motown hits through to the competitive arena of Northern Soul collectors, there’s something in the Soul family for each and every one of us and Soul’s place in our hearts has made it no surprise that so many huge chart names have tipped their hats to the classic sound of the 60s & 70s in the past decade.


    Whether your tipple of choice is stacks of shiny black 45s or bookshelves of LPs, committed record labels have recently opened their hearts and collections to allow us to al lparty down to reissued rare collectibles that most us couldn’t ever dream of owning which makes 2018 a heck of a time to be alive & digging!


    New & old, hard & soft, here’s a heap of some of our all-time favourite Soul recordings
    from our own collections. What are some of yours?


    Check out this new mixtape by our newest member of staff and turntable extraordinaire, it’s a fantastic selection of “ROCK” just for Record Store Day 2018

  7. Record Store Day In Kellys Pt2

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    Where would Kellys be without our Rock & Pop section?!


    Well, for one, the shop would be much, much smaller but more importantly there would be some serious grit, attitude and some well-needed dirt missing if we ever lost our guitarlead Rock, Metal or Punk sections.


    The electric guitar has been a go-to tool for rebels, town criers and rule breakers for well over half a century now so we’re tuning up our air guitars intently ahead of our on-air, instore Record Store Day performances on the 21st of April to keep the spirit alive.


    Bouncing blues, cosmic prog exploration, hissing punks and heavyweight riffs all bring out the rock god in us at the shop so we’ve pooled our favourite tracks from over the years and we’d love to hear what rock records are currently ranking high on your wishlists!


    Check out this new mixtape by our newest member of staff and turntable extraordinaire, it’s a fantastic selection of “ROCK” just for Record Store Day 2018


  8. Record Store Day In Kellys

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    Spring is here and Record Store Day 2018!


    Kicking off on the 21st of April, we’re going to be greeting seasoned collectors and fresh new vinyl enthusiasts with a whole day celebrating the timeless format, armed with everything from special offers to live performances. All set up with us here at our balcony shop.


    You just can’t properly celebrate vinyl without playing some tunes which is why we’ll be teaming up with Andrew from the excellent Sounds Like Radio who’ll be presenting a day of live broadcasts from inside our store.


    Our turntables are going to be put to serious use at the hands of none other than local powerhouses Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) & Don Leisure (Darkhouse Family) along with local DJs NOTSOEVER, Dj Enzine and The Kellys Staff. There’s going to be plenty of time pick through the racks with a backdrop of choice musical gems as well as enjoy some discussion on the good, the bad & the ugly sides of record collecting!

    With free rein behind the decks, we’ll be treated to recordings that have been pivotal driving forces behind influential names in the music scenes of both Cardiff and the further afield while we browse through the thousands of singles & LPs we’re so lucky to have; what’s not to love?!


    If that’s not enough fun for one day in the evening we’ll be teaming up with local watering hole and eatery The Blue Honey Night Café to bring you a whole night of vinyl greatness from some of Cardiff’s best music selectors.

    In the meantime, we’re hoping you’ll join us in counting down the few remaining weeks leading up to Record Store Day as we dip our toes into the most cherished zones of our collections and share with you some thoughts & sounds from the worlds of Soul, Rock, Disco, Dance and much more!

  9. Method in the Madness – Organising Your Collection

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    There are millions of different records out there. Which ones are great and which ones are pants is entirely up to you and your tastes but one thing is for sure – every single one you add to your collection is going to multiply the amount of ways you can choose to organise those dusty cardboard sleeves.


    Here at the shop we have gone down the route of organising alphabetically within specific genres so that you can rock up to the shop and check if that dream item is in stock within minutes.

    LPs, 7” singles and 12” singles are also kept in their own sections so you can be even more specific in your search. The entire catalogue is even listed on our website so that you can know if, where and how to get your hands on what you’re after or there’s always the alternative of just turning up and seeing how the mood takes you.


    There are other options though and here’s a select few that have been adopted by some of the biggest exponents of vinyl collecting and performing:
    Once awarded with the title of ‘America’s Best DJ’, the multi-faceted producer and performer Z-Trip has an enormous vinyl collection exceeding 50,000 records.


    As a notoriously competent DJ, Z-Trip’s priorities lie with priming them for live performance and said:
    “I found it easier for all the stuff that I was using in shows to have it all BPM’d. Everything sort of starts at like 70 Beats Per Minute and y’know there’s a couple of things like slow jams or whatever that are like in the 60s but everything’s 70 and goes up faster to 70, 71, 72 and on and it goes all the way like that all the way around ‘till you get to like the 135… Once you start to get to 138 and it’s sort of double time it sort of goes back to 70”[1]


    For a man as esoteric as he is elusive, Detroit torch-holder, musician, DJ and producer Moodymann is brutally conventional in how he organises his broad vinyl collection. If you become fortunate enough to join Moodymann’s fold he says:
    “You come to my house, you look at my vinyl collection and there’s one category. You better know the name of the artist because that’s the category he’s in – alphabetical.” [2]


    Just like the records you choose to add to your collection, your means of organising the music you love so much is entirely up to you. Unless you’re a record shop or a library it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone except yourself.


    Fewer Hip-Hop producers have sampled from as broad a vinyl collection as the late, great J Dilla. His close friend and fellow producer House Shoes found J Dilla’s meticulous organisation to extend to both his record collection and his fridge and said (of J Dilla’s vinyl collection:
    “I never really understood his organisation process at all but he (knew where he) could go right to any part and pull a record out at any given time”[3]


    Whatever you you choose to do with your collection (big or small), lay it out in a way that works for you so that you waste no time in getting to that earworm, that artwork or those liner notes you just can’t do without.

    Written by Ben Tunnicliffe, August 16th 2017

    [1] Z-Trip, Crate Diggers (Fuse), 20/09/2012
    [2] Moodymann Red Bull Music Academy 07/05/2015
    [3] J Dilla, Crate Diggers [Fuse] 20/03/2013


    Check out this fantastic mix by Ben AKA NOTSOEVER

  10. Six Weeks Of Summer…. The Blog Part Six

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    August 21-28

    We made it to week 6, here goes folks, the big finish…

    Plus we have the last instalment of our Random Summer 7’s Playlist.



    It’s Always Sunny Pub Quiz – Tramshed Edition! Tuesday August 29, 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

    Thursday August 31. 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
     The well admired and legendary reggae singer, Horace Andy will be coming to Cardiff in August. He has cultivated admirers and preserved his reputation as one of Jamaica’s most influential musicians for over four decades.

    BALLMANIA – Adults Only Ball Pit Party! Friday September 1 – Sunday September 3 12:00 am – 11:59 pm


    Benji & Hibbz Live in Cardiff #OriginalMaterialTour Wednesday 13th September, 7pm.


    Clwb Ifor Bach


    7:30pm | £10 | 14+

    Tricot are a Japanese all-female alternative rock band formed in historical and cultural city Kyoto in Sep 1, 2010. They started to expand their career in Asia, Europe and North America in 2014 and 2015.


    Cardiff Students Union

    Sleaford Mods Y Plas • Fri 27 October 2017 19:00-23:00

    Sleaford Mods are an English music duo based in Nottingham, composed of vocalist Jason Williamson and musician Andrew Fearn (since 2012). They are known for their abrasive, minimalist musical style and embittered explorations of austerity-era Britain, culture, and working class life, delivered in Williamson’s thick East Midlands accent. The duo have released several albums to critical praise.




    Here are our two choice analog sound storage medium flat polyvinyl chloride disc’s with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove.


    The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers

    The Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers


    Format: LP
    Label: Rolling Stones
    Release: 1971
    Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus
    Vinyl Condition: Very Good Plus
    Re-Issue Zip Sleeve With Insert.

    View on our website

    The Velvet Underground & Nico The Velvet Underground & Nico

    The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico


    Format: LP
    Label: Verve
    Release: 2012
    Sleeve Condition: Mint
    Vinyl Condition: Mint
    45th Anniversary Version / Remastered Reissue 180g Vinyl LP

    View on our website


    To run alongside our 6 week summer blog we asked our resident crate-digger DJ Enzine to put together a random selection of 7” vinyl just for the fun of it, so if you’re just chilling in the garden having a BBQ, on the bus or in the car on your way to work or running around the local park on a warm summers evening we have the soundtrack for you…..Enjoy.